SCI is a cooperation between CASTLE EQUITY & INVESTMENTS (CEI) LTD and Sergio Castro Imoveis Rio, one of the biggest Real Estate management and commercial properties in Rio, specializing in the commercial sector. Our portfolio includes commercial buildings,logistics storage ,lands, Hotels, logistic places, houses , shops and luxury residential buildings. We mainly operate in Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT    |    Financial management focuses on efficient and transparent ways of collecting rents, common charges (including final account)and taxes, preparing and monitoring annual budgets, handling rental demands, debit and credit control, accounting, financial reporting.

ADMINISTRATIVE & LEGAL MANAGEMENT    |    Administrative management consists of the management of all relevant aspects of the lease contracts (follow up of the guarantees, destination of the premises, lease renewals,…) and the reporting on all these subjects. The legal management deals with the coordination and follow up of all possible legal issues related to the property and the actors involved.

TECHNICAL / FACILITIES MANAGEMENT    |         Technical / facilities management involves the coordination and follow up of the maintenance of all structural, technical (facilities) and infrastructural aspects of the buildings (security, cleaning, maintenance elevators, ) and to this end drawing up and continually monitoring the short, medium and long-term maintenance plans.

COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT    |    Commercial management covers the full range of advice and actions, aimed at optimizing the rental value and commercial attractiveness of the premises.

RENOVATION    |      Project management of renovations for commercial properties.