About Sergio Castro Imo company

Claudio Castro on Sergio Castro Imo: Sergio Castro Imóveis is a 63 year old Real Estate Company, specialized in the Real Estate fields of Office, Retail and Logistics.  We have our origins in the Companhia Brasileira de Imóveis e Construções (CBIC), founded by the grandfather of our founder, in 1906.


We are the largest office brokerage firm in Rio de Janeiro.  We have 4 offices in the Office Districts ( Centro Assembleia,  Centro Ouvidor, Centro Porto Maravilha, Barra), 120 brokers, and deal with rental, property management and sale.  No other company has our reach, but other local companies are Office Consultoria Imobiliária and  Delta Consultoria Imobiliária.  Also, CBRE and CUSHMAN have some representation in our market.


Most of the important Real Estate deals in our city -portrayed by the media – are our work. Some newspaper clips you can see at: http://www.sergiocastro.com.br/empresa_midia.htm . Also, our website is fully bilingual.


We are founding members of the Broker’s Association (CRECI – our inscription is 22 and J-250), of the Association of Property Management Companies (ABADI, our inscription is 32), and are also members of the FIABCI, Commercial Association of Rio de Janeiro (ACRJ), ADEMI (Association of Directors of the Major Real Estate Companies).


We also have a Sergio Castro International branch (www.sergiocastroint.com)  as well as the Headquarters (www.sergiocastro.com.br). Our International Branch is managed by Mr. Gideon Levanon, who is CCed to this email.



We sponsor soccer teams, we advertise on the radio, we have right now, only in commercial properties in the city, 2.270 signs and canvases of “ALUGA-SE” (for rent), “VENDE-SE”(for sale) or “PROPRIEDADE PARTICULAR” (Private Property – Do Not Trespass). We have been active for so long that we have constructed great relations with Rio’s greatest property owners, and even when money changed hands in the 90’s, we were there to sell from the old families to the “new money”, when it was so new that those “new rich” have also learned about our specialization and have become faithful customers.  The Castro Family owns 682 commercial properties, as a remainder of the old days when we owned the “Banco Hypothecario do Brazil”, so we also get a lot of respect out of being well-known landlords for 100 years