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Sergio Castro and CASTLE EQUITY & INVESTMENTS (CEI) LTD teamed up to explore the Brazilian market and to bring it to foreign investors.


Rua da Assembléia, 40 – 11°, 12° e 13° andares Centro – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brazil CEP 20011-000



With almost 70 years of tradition in the Real Estate market in the City of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Castro operates in Property Management and Administration, Purchase and Sale, General Rentals, Appraisals and Legal Accompaniment of real estate transactions. We have a highly specialized and qualified team to render services with the excellence expected from a company with all that tradition and solidness through our City’s territory. When buying, selling or renting properties in Rio de Janeiro – specially commercial – Sergio Castro is your best choice. With solid and considerable real estate assets, Sergio Castro offers all the necessary security to carry out all sorts of real estate business. Traditionally one of the largest property brokers in the Central area of Rio, we have prepared and trained professionals to handle everything from the sale or rental of offices,  hotels, warehouses whole buildings and entire commercial areas. Sergio Castro Imóveis descends from CBIC, the first private Real Estate company established in Brazil, in 1911.  Since then, we have established ourselves very successfully on the corporate and commercial areas of the industry in Rio de Janeiro. Our clientele includes some of Brazil’s largest Real Estate Corporations as well as those companies that need to reach as many customers as possible.  Managing around 5.000 buildings and shops all over the city, we have straight access to the most important tenants that play an active role on Rio de Janeiro’s ‘Real Estate Life”.

Sergio Castro plays also a relevant role on Rio’s hotel market;  some of Rio’s most known hotels, such as the Santa Teresa Hotel, have emerged from deals closed by our company. Other Hotels which have been sold by our team are the Hotel Ouroverde, the Atlântico Praia Hotel, the Hotel Paris, as well as the well known Hotel Ambassador (now Atlântico Rio Hotel), where president Juscelino Kubitscheck decided to move on with the construction of Brasilia. The company has commercialized more than 1 million square meters in Rio de Janeiro on the last biennial, mostly on the commercial Real Estate Market, maintaining relations also with government institutions and international players.  Traditionally, Sergio Castro’s services are sought for by many foreign institutions, so much that it is the only Brazilian company cited on the United States Government site dedicated to the subject of Real Estate in Brazil:  http://export.gov/brazil/businessserviceproviders/index.asp?bsp_cat=80130000 Our website, at www.sergiocastro.com.br  has a comprehensive list of services and even clients, as well as a plethora of newspaper clips showing that our company is deeply involved on the city’s routine.  The company is also very active on the social networks, having Brazil’s most successful Commercial Real Estate Fan Page on Facebook, which can be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/sergiocastroimoveis/?fref=ts . The company is also involved in Real Estate Roadshows and fairs all over the world, many times being the only representative of Brazil on such events. The last event we participated on, as an exhibitor,  was the LPS Guangzhou, http://guangzhou.lps-china.com/# in September 2016. Traditionally, the company is the leading Real Estate advertiser on Rio’s leading Radio Shows, and enjoys a relevant position  in most circles. Currently, the company is contracted to broker, with exclusivity, the sales of more than 600 commercial properties all over Rio de Janeiro.

Project Porto Maravilha-  READY AND BEAUTIFUL

Our  office in Gamboa: Rua Sacadura Cabral, nº 301 – Loja e Sobreloja Gamboa – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brazil – CEP 20221-160.

On June 18th,2010  the Porto Maravilha (Wonderful Port) project took a step nearer completion, as the city council (http://www.rio.rj.gov.br/ ) sanctioned a bill introducing tax relief on municipal developments in the port district. The move was the latest in a series of bills aimed at clearing the way for the major urban regeneration plan, expected to be finished in time for the 2016 Olympics. (

The project aims to redevelop large areas of the port district for residential and commercial purpose, including the landmark Pier Mauá, which will become the focal point of a major new leisure complex.

The plan encompasses the Santo Cristo, Gamboa and Saúde neighborhoods, as well as parts of São Cristóvão, Centro and Cidade Nova. Historically, these districts have been integral to Rio’s development, witnessing the birth of both choro and samba music, as well as construction of the city’s first skyscraper.

Nowadays, the port region is more dilapidated, although its facilities still serve the many thousands of cruise passengers that dock in the city each year. It has been suggested that one reason for the port’s decline is the effective isolation caused by the ‘Perimitral’ raised highway, and accordingly, there are proposals to demolish part of this structure in the future.

The redevelopment of the port district has been tabled for over 30 years, but bureaucratic impasses and financial constraints have prevented the project from ever getting off the ground. By working together in recent years, the Federal, State and Municipal Governments are finally seeing their plans come to fruition.




The first phase of the project included the renewal of the Praça Mauá and the Mauá Pier, in addition to the renewal of one million square meters of existing infrastructure, and potentially the development of a further five million.

Phase One will also see pavements, parks and squares renovated, as well as the planting of trees and the restoration of native mangrove specie.

the phase was done and ready by June 2016