Casa Rosa Feijoada

Casa Rosa (the Pink House) has been a establishment of entertainment for over a hundred years.  Located in the neighborhood of Laranjaras, this large colonial home was first built in the early 1900’s where it served as a high-end brothel of sorts.  Casa Rosa went on in this fashion albeit with ups and downs until the 1980’s where it was closed for obvious reasons.  In the 90’s the Casa Rosa opened its doors again, but this time as a cultural center, which puts on regular events ranging from DFC contests to Funk parties, live rock bands and RioGuideNow’s favorite… Sunday Feijoada and Roda de Samba.

Feijoada is a delicious traditional Brazilian dish of stewed meats in a black bean broth served with greens, rice and farofa.  It’s the kind of dish that merits inviting over the family and friends and taking the rest of the day off, best served on a Sunday afternoon.  Roda de Samba is an informal stage atmosphere where a samba band (up to ten players or more sometimes) is surrounded by its dancing audience.  In some Rodas de Sambas, audience members are free to step up a sing a song, or add to the band with their instrumental skills, maybe best translated as an Brazilian open jam session.

Every Sunday for about 30R admission you get yourself a massive plate of homestyle feijoada, Roda de Samba till about 10pm and then the smaller rooms open up with different music shows such as funk or local indie rock.  The caiparinhas pack a punch and the crowd is a great mix of music lovers from all walks of Rio with a touch of foreigners around as well.  Be sure to explore the house a little while your there, remnants of its history can be seen in each window overlooking the dance floor.