• Inflation in March 2018 is 0,09% , lowest march since 1994

    Inflação oficial desacelera e fica em 0,09% em março, diz IBGE Trata-se do menor nível para um mês de março desde 1994. Em 12 meses, a inflação acumulada ficou em 2,68%.

  • Luxury apartments for sale in Rio de Janeiro , April 2018

    Prices in Euro and US Dollars become better !!!

  • Banking

    Moving Money into Brazil You can also move large sums of money into Brazil—for example, to purchase a property—without having a local bank account. To do so you’ll simply need to enlist the services of professionals versed in providing these services. Note that the Brazilian government imposes a foreign-exchange transactions tax (IOF) of 0.38%, in

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  • Visa, Residency

    Many people ask me always about residency…..visa here what i collected : Getting Your Brazil Visa and Residency Here is complete information on getting a visa and residency in Brazil, including; the types of visas available, residency process, and what is needed to apply for citizenship. Brazil Tourist Visa Brazil generally follows a policy of reciprocity—if

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  • Residency

    Have the right visas, residency and work permits. If you wish to obtain a permanent residence permit you will need to prove that you have funds in excess of R$500,000 ($150,000 / 135,000€), but even then this visa is only issued on a five-year conditional basis. In order to re-validate your visa you must show

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  • Buying properties, first step

    Know the legal issues. Brazil is perhaps one of the few emerging markets that allows foreign buyers to own both land and property in their own names on a 100 per cent freehold basis – making the buying process relatively straightforward. However, before you can buy a property in Brazil, you must obtain a CPF

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  • 2018 – economy is better, interest rate down

    The Brazil Central Bank recently announced the lowest interest rates since 1986. The latest cut brought Brazilian interest rates to 7%, down by over half in a year. The reduction is likely to have very positive effects on the economy as a whole and on the property market in particular. In October last year, Brazilian

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  • Obtaining property documents in Brasil

    a) All documents regarding property ownership in Brazil are of PUBLIC DOMAIN;  they can all be obtained in the local Real Estate Notary, by paying a fee of approximately R$ 85,00 (for property registration) and R$ 95,00 (for original deed of purchase); b) The profession of Real Estate Broker is regulated by a FEDERAL LAW

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    this article is originaly in Portuguese         Da ‘sloper’ da alma No Centro da Cidade. Pegue a Rua Gonçalves Dias, dobre a Ouvidor à esquerda, saia na Uruguaiana e se depare com a loja que abrigou a Casa Sloper, hoje ocupada por uma rede de roupas populares, um tanto sufocante e poluída,

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  • Luxury Boutique Hostel Opens in Vidigal

    Following the pacification of some of Rio’s more fortunately located favela communities, a spike in speculation has driven some development higher than many would have thought possible just five years ago. With the recent opening of a new self-titled ‘boutique hostel’ Mirante do Arvrão, now luxury-styled accommodations are available at the very top of Vidigal,

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