Commercial renatl agreemnts


Rentals are signed for a determined period of time; after that period, they DO NOT “expire” or cease to be effective.  They remain fully in effect, for an “undetermined” lapse of time.  This means all is valid, but the period of time.
Therefore there is NO legal obligation to have a new contract between the two parties to make the rental agreement valid;  it remains valid until one party or the other decides to legally rescind their commercial relation.
In case of 5-year commercial lease contracts, those are special.  Tenants can renew them in court without any say of the landlord (landlord can only fight for price, not for renewing or not).  In this case, when renewed in court, there will be no new contract between parties, but simply the courts verdict that becomes as effective as a contract.
In most cases we agree with tenants and sign new 5 year leases with prices decided in agreement.  In those cases we have the contract as you requested, with new date.

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