Condominium and Syndico – how to form,explanation of procedures

1 – Constitution of a Condominium:


1 – Legal Dismembering of one Unit from the Total


3 – Drafting the INTERNAL REGULATION of the Condominium

4 – Registering the Convention of Condominium in EACH Property Registry at the Real Estate Notary

5 – Registering the plans of the common areas at the Real Estate Notary and City Hall (the common areas must be established, marked and registered)

6 – Registering the Internal Regulation of the Condominium at the Documents Notary

7 – Hosting the First Assembly of Co-owners, drafting the MINUTES OF THE MEETING, electing the first Syndico.

8 – Opening the Books for the Condominium (Complaints Book, Meetings/Assemblies Book, Employees Book)

9 – Obtaining the CNPJ for the Condominium.


2 – Syndico is  an expense paid by the CONDOMINIUM, monthly.  It’s within the Building Cost, which is shared amongst all the tenants. But if there are empty offices, the owner pays his share.  it could be that a  Syndic work already exists in the building even without the CONDOMINIUM, and its monthly paid, by the owners of building.

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