Court Fees are one thing, Legal fees another thing.  Court fees is the money we paid to the government as COST to sue Polikraft.  So, when we win, we get it back, indexed.
The fees that the defendant must pay when they lose are called HONORÁRIOS SUCUMBENCIAIS, to the lawyers of the other party, are between 10 to 20% of the TOTAL VALUE (judge will decide; so when we win a lawsuit, and only when it happens, our lawyers will receive 10 to 20% of the value that owner receives.
By LAW, Lawyers of ANY winner party are entitled to receive “ honorários sucumbenciais” , which is a right of lawyers that even the owner of a lawsuit can’t dispose of.
(check to learn more about honorários sucumbenciais, those are the ones that are to be paid by losing party to lawyer of winner party, and are NOT paid by winner, but by loser, directly to the lawyers involved).


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