Eviction of existing tenants

IN CASE OF A NEW PURCHASE, TO EVICT TENANTS: All tenancy contracts that have already ended can be object of an agreement to raise rent, eviction, or a renewal suit, with relatively easy increase on rents, as they do not have any choice other than leaving or agreing to an increase.

All tenancy contracts which are at least 4,5 years old need to be object of an IMMEDIATE agreement or legal suit (Tenant Against LandLord, asking judge to renew rental agreement for 5 more years, values to be decided by judicial expert’s opinion).  In this case, if there is not an agreement, TENANT SUES OWNER.  Never the opposite.

All tenancy contracts which are at least 3 years old we can SUE for a raise in rent.  Owner must sue.  Expert opinion will decide.

Remember that judges usually establish a provisional rent which is usually an average between what the tenant and what the landlords ask.    This provisional rent is usually more than what tenants pay now, and less than what they will end up paying.

These lawsuits take some years, but when the court decides, tenant must pay all the differences at once, counted from the day they received the subpoena.