SERGIO CASTRO International asset management agreement, power of attorney : explanation

1 – Rental Management Agreement –  It’s the contract that regulates client relationship with Sergio Castro. It is not the legal document that gives Sergio Castro powers to manage property, but rather the document that explains HOW sergio castro will do it. The powers come from the PROCURAÇÃO.


2 – The Procuração  (POWER OF ATTORNEY) – It gives Sergio Castro powers to act on the management of any properties of client wants us to manage.  It does not mention the Agreement above.  If this document did not exist, Sergio Castro not have raised the rents, collected rents, or in any way act on client’s behalf.   Formally, Sergio Castro does not need another power of attorney to act in regards to other properties; Client can simply point out by email or a simple letter.


3 – Autorização – It was a document made to authorize to purchase a property on behalf of the client.