The Transcarioca

The Transcarioca is 39 kilometers in length and will include 45 bus stations stopping at Curicica, Ilha do Governador, Taquara, Tanque, Praça Seca, Campinho, Madureira, Vaz Lobo, Vicente de Carvalho, Vila da Penha, Penha, Olaria and Ramos neighborhoods. An estimated 320,000 people are expected to use this BRT on a daily basis.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News

The Transcarioca which will connect Ilha do Governador to Barra da Tijuca is now 88 percent complete, photo courtesy of Cidade Olimpica.

“The system will reduce travel time between Ilha do Governador and Barra, the Games’ central zone, by more than sixty percent,” explained Rio 2016 Transportation Manager Paulo Cavalcanti in a public statement.

Throughout its construction, neighborhoods of Jacarepagua in Zona Oeste (West Zone) and Madureira in Zona Norte (North Zone) have experienced heavy traffic jams, but once the Transcarioca is complete, it is projected that there will be an easier traffic system in place and also relief of flooding in these areas.

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