Verification of properties : Decreto Municipal 37.426/2013, Lei Complementar 126/13, Lei 6.400/13


Since 2013, owners of properties in Rio must order technical expert reports, every 5 years, to verify conditions and conservation of properties, giving specific information about STABILITY, CONSERVATION and SAFETY, and this expert reports must ASSURE that the repairs will be executed.  (Decreto Municipal 37.426/2013, Lei Complementar 126/13, Lei 6.400/13).
The technical expertise’s must be done by expert engineers hired by owners, legally authorized and members of the Council of Architects or Council of Engineers, and they become liable solidarily with owners on whatever they “ allow to pass” .
After expert opinion is done and registered in the city, the city will send an inspector to the building to verify, by the end of deadline given by expert for a certain problem to be solved, if it was done properly. If not, building will be fined, and could, theoretically, be even closed by the city.


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